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My First Single Track on T7 (Road Tyres)


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Two words describe this. Intestinal fortitude!  All things considered,  I think you did admirably. 

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"Men do not quit playing because they grow old, they grow old because they quit playing" Oliver Wendell Holmes - Mods - HDB handguards, Camel-ADV Gut guard, 1 finger clutch, The Fix pedal & Rally pipe, RR side/tail rack, RR 90nm spring & Headlight guard, Rally seat, OEM heated grips- stablemate Beta 520RS

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You clearly need two things: a set of MotoZ RallZ tires and a friend who doesn't try to kill you all the time 😅.

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Teneré 700 '20

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You did fine for 1st time and he was giving you good tips like rocking back and using momentum to get unstuck.  If he didn’t tell you, always look where you want to go and not at the other stuff on the trail. Example would be If you look at a rock on the trail you will hit the rock, if looking where you want to go thats where the wheels will track. Keep at it.

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Brilliant fair play u. As said get some off road tyres and it becomes another beast. Well done tho!

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14 hours ago, PommeyBiker said:

We call them adventure bikes for a reason! If your someone like me who has no idea about off road riding, come from decades of road riding and went out and bought a 200+kg Adventure bike, and yeeted the bugger into a very wet rain forest, on a single track with no experience and road tyres, please continue watching, as we may share a few things in common! Very good bike!


for a first timer, you did really well


i didn't have a gopro with me when I did, and trust me, i was on the ground more than I like to admit...LOL...

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Tyres, tyres, tyres!!


Well done though, you gave it a shot when plenty of others wouldn't. 👍

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It was interesting to see how you faired compared to the DR650 (I have both bikes).  The O/E tyres are pretty Shet when it's wet and muddy  😜

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