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Oil filter tool


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Did an oil change yesterday i need to find a cup type oil filter socket not sure which size 

as a screwdriver and hammer whilst effective is not the ideal solution. 

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+1 with strap wrench


it is open enough to use one.

I find cap tends to slip if the filter deformed slightly.


If you insist on the cap style, this is what the manual recommend image.png.2cadb24f55e427bdd1a807cd34a9366b.png

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This fit perfectly:



The Tusk Oil Filter Socket tool makes oil changes much faster and easier. Used with a 3/8' drive ratchet, it fits perfectly over the top of your screw on type filter for effortless removal and installation. Constructed of strong stamped steel and coated with a black finish for durability. When looking for specialty tools for your motorcycle...



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I've used this adjustable oil filer wrench for 20+ years, it has never let me down, and works perfectly on my T7:


It auto adjusts down to its minimum size.
You use a 3/8" ratchet (attaches right in the middle) 
Turning to the right, opens up the arms, turning to the left closes them down, they then clamp down onto the oil filter and twist it off. 

If using this wrench, an important tip:

Remove the red protector boots!
The protective boots (are for storage only) and hide a sharp edge of the tool fingers, these edges bite into the filter preventing slippage.  The harder you turn to the left, the harder the tool bites into the filter.  I've had the fingers bite deep into the filter, crushing it slighly (which really helps with grip)


Size wise, I've used this tool on all my bikes and cars.  Only filters this thing is too small for is big Diesel engine trucks, then you'll need a bigger tool.


Alternatively, use K&N oil filters, which have a nut at the end, and you can use a simple wrench right on the filter to remove it (its handy)


Hope this helps

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