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OEM tires opinion @ 1600 miles


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I hate these tires. Hated them all the way the from the dealer drive to my home. Hated them on the twists. Hated them on the dirt. Highway, yup hate. Scorpion rally str is garbagio. No doubt about it. Gave them 1500 miles of varying terrain and speeds. Trash tire. 

And then for no reason today i aired them down to the off road suggestion pressure of 29psi front and rear. Went for a ride around town on the streets. Not bad. Hit a dirt road. Very responsive. Blasted a night run on the highway and then a trek through the dirt pass. Wow. 

i am a little sad i waited this long to air them down. Best day of riding i have had so far. 

if you are hating your oem tires and you havent aired them down yet, give it a try. Worked for me. 

now my tractionaters are gonna be a little lonely while i wear these out. 

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Good posting Rlynn

thet STR technically are a very good tyres for the dry stuff not wet however letting the tyres down really helps and becomes a better ride.

28 /31 ive found converts the ride completely or if your a trail / slower rider 26-29 ish is great also.

Funny though as pondering with the Traction’s as well but the STRs just work , yes i know the Motoz will be far better on the heavy off road and mud but the STR,s will win on the rest and sadly thats 99% where my riding is.

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yes - viva lower pressures.   but as MattH says,   still rubbish in wet and muck

What your post DID make me think of?  that I have not seen mentioned here?

is anyone putting in rimlocks when they put on new tires?

I'm very used to riding my KTM350 at 12psi offroad   but rimlocks are critical.

I'm thinking tractionators, rimlocks, and low LOW PSI for offroad ...  (not 12,  but maybe in the 18-20 range)

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