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Hello from Italy


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Hi all, thanks to accept me in this forum, I'm Simone from Italy, La Spezia.


I just order my T7 (white) and She'll arrive around March...She's the same of the previous model  but Yamaha update in Euro 5...we'll see...I have time to discuss it in a new topic!



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21 minutes ago, Matth said:



do you happen know the EU-4 and 5 difference ?

I asked the Dealer, looks like they put a catalyst inside the exhaust, I had a KTM 2020 and it was the same, between Euro 4 and Euro 5 they only put a catalyst .

I was very very worried regarding the Ride by wire system but the Dealer confirm me no...fortunately YAMAHA did not use it on Tenere'...it would have been a contradiction for a bike born "Spartan"!!

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Ok thats good news! Thanks for the info and you will love your new toy!

its a cross between the fun you had on your first off road bike and the capability of the very latest.

ive been in the lucky position to have had a fair few and it really does tick all the boxes and does everything very well and any shortcomings in your own requirements can be added.


what goodies have you got for it already?

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Yes Matth...I already love my future new toy!


And yes, off course, I've too many goodies added in my cart!First a rally seat, after running in a new muffler even if the original one at the end is not bad compared to the original ones of the other bikes, then....254.876 upgrade!😂


I've also had many other bikes, Honda XR, KTM 990, KTM 690 SMC, Yamaha Ttr, Suzuki DR (2) and many more...but, I think then T7 is (as you told me) the perfect solution, the perfect mix of all the other ones.

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