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Hello from Croatia


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Hello to everyone from Croatia, I'm Ivan from Pula, Croatia.

I have bought my T7 10 days ago, so only 1000 km and 1st service for now. Now I'm busy with adding additional equipment for offroad, which is my intension of use. 


I already need some recommendations for crash bars and bash plate, reading and looking many info from web I'm looking for ordering Heed crash bars, but I'm not sure should I choose Basic or Bunker version.

Regarding the bash plate I was looking at GIVI but because of crash bars, maybe it would be easier to order also Heed so I don't need to make any modifications to fit crashbars.


And one more thing, I was looking for better protection for small stones flying to cooler so I did this DIY solution which I think can be interesting to somebody because it can be done really cheap.






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Hi and welcome @ividic ! Nice landscape to move your new T7 around. 


Personnaly, I installed SW Motech crash protection but I guess every product has its pros and cons 🤔 there's lots of info flying around here, just take your time to read enough before ordering.

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Hello, welcome to the forum!

Croatia is my favourite holiday destination. Have spent a lot of time around porec.

Will do a ride at istria (hope this summer....).


I can recommend the crash bars from Adventure Spec and also the rear rack.




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Welcome Ivan! There are so many options for crash guards as well as pretty much everything for the T7. I am trying to figure that out as well, will let you know what I decide. Have you narrowed it down yet?

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At the end I have decided for heed bunker with givi bashplate. I know heed is heavier then other options but it provides good protection for radiator and engine in my opinion.


In 2 weeks I should have these two, then I will need to fit it. Probably it will include modification of the bash plate to fit crash bar. 

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