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Tenere 700 Increasing Idle Speed in 1st



Hey guys got a strange quirk with my Tenere 700 recently.


I was doing a bit of off-roading on it yesterday, and I noticed at one point when I had it pulled over to sit for about 5 minutes with it idling, the idle RPMs started to slowly increase from between 1.5k to 2k to 2.5k on its on. Pulling the throttle cable closed to see if it was stuck caused no difference in response. Once it reached 2k on it's own it tripped a CEL (P0507 which roughly means an abnormality in throttle detected) and hovered at around 2.5k Rpms in neutral.


I let it cool down for about 10 minutes after this situation, and the throttle idled normally again at around 1.5k. No issues since. Cleared the CEL and now its fine. And this is with a stock exhaust.


Anyone have any insights into what is happening? Should I just never let it idle for too long?


Edit: Just as an aside, dealer couldn't replicate problem and the problem has long gone away. I still suspect there is some sort of exhaust leak, because now she emits a low "tick tick tick" noise when I first turn her on. Goes away once she's warmed up. Damn, gonna hand to recreate this issue on video now..


Double Edit: Dealer said the ticking is normal and it’s the drive train. So maybe I’m hallucinating who knows

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I was out for my first ride on my new Tenere 700 on Thursday this week. After about 20 miles of highway cruising I noticed the check engine light came on. I checked all the fluid levels and bike seemed to be running fine but I had noticed the idle seemed higher than what I expected but it was my first ride. So I rode it to the dealership and had them pull the code and it’s the same error code that you had, P0507. By the time I made it to the dealership the bike only had 58 miles on it. They pulled things apart and found there was an issue with the ISC valve and have ordered new parts to see if that resolves the issue. 

I’m glad to hear your problem fixed itself but I wasn’t going to leave it to chance especially given its brand new. 

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