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How to fix your GPS


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8 hours ago, Emmanuel said:

Any pictures to share about this?

if you mean me: no, because I do not have Tenere yet; but I'm preparing for it ...

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On 8/18/2019 at 9:40 AM, norei said:

Looks nice but a bit overpriced, I think. Luckily I have the loooong winter to wait alternative (=cheaper) product. 

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The published link is outdated. I believe this is the current one: 

Passend für TomTom Rider, Garmin Zumo, Herbert Richter 4-Krallenadapterplatte, Brodit Halteschalen, Touratech-Halterungen, RAM-Mount, ...


I found another one which is very expensive but looks great and has some kind of vibration damping (rings). 

Navigatie steun zwart



Trying to make my Tenere 700 the bike of my dreams...

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For my TomTom 550 I'm trying out this 3D printed design (not my creation by the way) with an extra sleeve (printed with flexible filament to allow compression) to fill up the difference between 12 and 22 mm diameter. 



Support pour mon Gps moto TomTom Rider 400 Montage fixe sur guidon Ø22 Guide cable intégré. Fourniture nécessaire : 2 Vis CHC M8x25 4...


The first version I printed did not grip enough, so the mount would rotate down on bumps. I hope with a few iterations this will be solved. I'll post pictures and final designs when it's good enough, also for rough terrain.

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I bought one of these on the advice of member Motoadventure but I have not got my bike back yet from its first service to try it out but Mick has fitted a Zumo to his bike with it and it’s all good. 
It cost about £18 including postage so not to expensive. 


A really practical accessory for our Touratech handlebar brackets. This adaptor allows you to position your GPS device just where you...


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