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Your/Our posts are showing up 1st page Google for Tenere 700 searches worldwide


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I hate it when I see a part or something in a facebook group, go back later looking for it and cant find which freaking Facebook group it was in because there are way too many and they all look exactly the same and often the very same members.  FB layout is kinda generic and easy to create that there will be 300 of em in a few years. 


When I tell people to put helpful info on a forum, Im not saying it to fill my website that I own, I say it because its so much easier to find and share.  Forums have dedicated sections for different topics. Post it in suspension section, it's still there 7 years from now in the right section and easy to find/search.  Plus, our topics/posts end up on google search, often 1st page or even 1st result. 


I just typed in Google "Best Tenere 700 Exhaust" and look what popped up #1 on Google. There are no Facebook posts showing up, but WE have the number one result on google for "Best Tenere 700 Exhaust".  My SEO tool tells me that we have over 720 T7 related links showing up first page of google search results. 


Screen Shot 2021-02-14 at 1.15.50 PM.png





So be sure to put the words "Tenere 700" or "T7" in the title of your new topics/threads, so google knows what the thread is about, and ranks it for people around the world searching google for that topic. 












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  • Cruizin changed the title to Your/Our posts are showing up 1st page Google for Tenere 700 searches worldwide

I'm gonna be bumping this thread often boys, wanna keep it in the "Recent Topics" section on the front page so it gets seen.  You guys can help by simply commenting below, if you see fit. 


SEO companies charge thousands per month for a few rankings on first page of google searches. You guys pulled off with over 500 of our links showing up #1 on the first page of certain T7 topics worldwide on Google search. I did also build this and my other websites to work with every known google pre requisite but they change their ranking criteria all the time, unannounced. of course. We keep on top of the changes and keep your posts getting indexed. 


Some of you guys and gals could gain years and years of Youtube followers if you put a link to tenere700.net in your videos text section or mentions. If you do, send me a PM and I will give you a very powerful SEO ranked "Do Follow" Back Link to your Youtube channel. Every vid that is good that gets posted on this forum gets clicked on watched for as long as you leave it active on youtube. 


I mean, look at the first result pic above, our topic/link it's ABOVE the youtube vids. And we have hundreds more topic #1's that are being searched by T7 owners and soon to be owners searching. for bike and gear solutions to their needs. That is why i build these forums. To create a platform for the best and most consistently accurate member tested upgrades, repair and race info for T7, MT07, Tracer 900 and MT 10 owners.  We beat out all the other forum corporations with dedicated forum staff, with volunteers, member's who pitch in. 


So yeah, I'm kinda fucking proud.  Thank you, and it's damn awesome to be part of this community. 


Rob aka Cruizin 

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This is a great Tenere 700 forum.  Thank you for all the work you put into this.  I appreciate it very much.

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