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Commuting on a Tenere


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How is it to commute on the Tenere? Honestly I will be using it for that more than off road in the beginning. About 25 miles of highway and 10 surface roads. I would love to get one but they won’t have any in my area for a while. Thinking about getting an FZ1 until supply returns to normal. Plus they are about half the price.

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Has great street & highway manners. But if you’re not going off road eventually, there’s little point. Far too capable to stay stuck on tarmac.

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I commute on my T7 almost every day, except the roads are too icy.

I love the high and upright position. 

Lane splitting works fine and i'm the first off when the signal turns to green.

Love it every minute 😄



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14 hours ago, Insane rider said:

I don't see why it could be a problem.
Maximum speed 200kmh

I like to know where you can commute @ 200 KPH...

I would like to live there LOL

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I commute ... king of the road.  Lane filtering is a doddle, I generally don't get held up much by SUV mirrors.  Easy to ride slow and easy to maneuver (so many wrong ways to spell that) ... some T7 lane filtering examples to show how good it is  

YouTube - RIDER GUIDER - check out my T7 playlist and say hello 😀 

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