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Do you prefer Facebook groups or Forums?


Facebook group or Forum, which do you prefer?   

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  1. 1. Do you prefer Facebook Groups or Forums?

    • I prefer Facebook groups.
    • I prefer forums that are well managed
    • I like both

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Facebook groups are mega popular now, because they are so easy, as everyone is already on Facebook. 


But, forum software has come a long ways lately and Facebook Groups are, well, ALL THE SAME! Facebook group options are pretty limited, and generic white and blue.    Plus, important tech posts and DIY's get buried and lost on facebook, because it's just one damn thread with no topic difference. 


Which do you prefer? Should we bag this forum and create a generic Facebook group? 

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Always forum is the better way to connect... Information is stored and organized correct and you can find anything you like. Facebook is the easy way. Mostly for asking a question and looking for quick answer. Not always the correct unfortunately...

Forum builts bonds between the members and helps the average enthusiast with minor or bigger problems. Facebook has a lot of fake accounts also which is annoying for me.

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I do not have a Facebook account. Maybe it is nice to post something super important message where I am at the moment, or post immediately a picture of any Jürgen I dropped in the ceramic, or it is just an enormous waste of life time.


Who knows? I only get worried, when all these Facebook or WhatsApp victims are more interested to their smartphone instead of having a look on traffic, when driving. It is a little confusing when oncoming car's driver is looking down instead to you in the moment when he is on your lane...


To make it short, I prefer a well managed forum and a vital community.

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I quit facebook over two years ago after a good decade on it. Others have done the same, not everybody uses facebook though most people do.


There are some fantastic forums out there and have been for years. I don't think a facebook group could come within a million miles of a well run forum, but on the other hand, a small facebook group would make more sense than a forum in some circumstances , like a local "buy swap sell" type group which would be easy for people to go to (only for those on facebook of course).

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18 hours ago, Cruizin said:

Well, im happy with the voting results so far! 

me, too....facebook is for showing off, for advertising, for paranoids (like me😅) and  in addintion, for me the most annoying part is, it sorts the messages in a way that I cannot predict...

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