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soooo... I went to pick up my mighty T7 today, and MAN what a phenomenal bike is this?!?!?!?!? LOVE IT!


Must admit I wasn't able to book a test ride before the summer due to covid and whatever BS so I decided to just do the crazy thing and buy the bike without test riding it...(the wait was slightly stressy) (tip, don't watch to many reviews after you do an impulse crazy buy like mine) 


However though, the wait was finally over today and around noon I went to pick it up. did some road cruising to get a bit of gas(cheapskate dealer gave me enough fuel in the tank to barely get to the nearest pump) 

events as they happened:

- me promising myself "don't offroad during break in, just ride some country roads and get the mileage for the break in 1000km service and then do whatever" 

- 20 kilometers later started having fun on some gravel roads, telling myself ok ok nothing to crazy

- 150 km into the ride doing single tracks in the mud and slippy stones, what a blast

- after 200 km ride spent a good hour in the garage just staring at the bike, quite the looker too


this bike honestly exceeded my expectations wildly and totally conquered my  fears and doubts about it.

its far more capable offroad as I would have imagined honestly, and its a dream to ride on the road...  

for me honestly, perfect "adventure bike"... I know this name is hyped or branded or hipster chique or whatever... but I found myself riding unknown single tracks and totally new discovered places I would have never found if the bike hadn't "guided" me there. 

good stuff this T7... 

obviously it's not there for the extreme rocky steep enduro stuff, but heck is it there to give you a good time anywhere else.


put some scratches on the muffler and plastics already but hey, what can you do. 


I have my box of farkles to start bolting on but think ill postpone that until after the first service when they have all arrived. since we ended up changing the colour of the bike since my dealer decided to bamboozle me, my bark busters are white and not sure they will match as cool now... but there are worse things in life I guess 😛 


bloody stoked here guys 



ps going for the not so gentle break in, dealer mechanic told me just ride it like I normally would. (FULL GAAASSSS 😛)

pps this is only a 2ookm super short term review however I can feel love is in the air already 😛  was literally imagining riding around the world with this bike already. ergonomics felt great too, love the tall stance. very cool.











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also one more thing, standard tyres are quite solid on the road but completely no grip whatsoever off road, slip fest it was today.. still good fun though! 


plus this colour isn't that bad after all 😛 


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Really happy for you! Looks like you are have much fun! 🙂 
I see it is the 2020 euro4 model? When did you place the preorder?

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That's exactly how I see my first day panning out when I get mine.....including the promise to stay on-road through break in.

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On 2/23/2021 at 6:30 PM, didier said:

Really happy for you! Looks like you are have much fun! 🙂 
I see it is the 2020 euro4 model? When did you place the preorder?


I wish it was a Euro 5. I'll get a Euro 5 and have heard its exhaust header looks SUPER ugly ...

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