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Just took delivery---T7


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Initial around the block impressions....

(Note I also have a 16 FZ-07)

The FZ feels like a 7/8 scale motorcycle...the T7 is definitely full size.

Taller than I expected based on specs & reviews...not as tall as the old XR650L..but close.  Hated the XRs bars clear down at my waist.  T7 bars are way higher where they should be.

Not used to the ADV bike camel hump of a fuel tank in front of me.

Bolt upright seating position.

Sounds waaaay better than the FZ....louder & an actual tone...can almost tell it is twin.

The clutch cover / guard is in constant contact with my shin.  Not so on the FZ.

The windshield & fairing offer really good protection for their size.  Very pleasant surprise.

Same POS mirrors as the FZ...worst mirrors I have ever used.  Ever.  Need to replace as I did on the FZ.

More snap around town than the FZ...I assume via gearing, did not get the T7 up to highway speed to tell the tradeoff in cruise RPM.

Steering feels light like a dirt bike (a heavy one).  Probably from the wide bar.

Nicer keys than the FZ.


Can't wait for proper weather for a real ride.



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There should be a law about posts like this not having pictures....

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After a 200 mile ride a couple of days ago that included both fast and occasionally rough dirt roads and interstate speeds up to 90mph, I'm perfectly happy on the T7 for any speeds that I care to ride.


I used to notice the clutch lever guard. I've just realized that I've simply stopped noticing it after 1600 miles on the bike.

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