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Front suspension tuning


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Hi all, 


apologies if this has been covered before. 


-I'm 88 kg with my gear on

-Replaced back spring with Hyperpro spring.


Now, to the bouncy front end. I am not an expert off / on road :). But I hear there are a few options for improving the "spongy" front end. 


What do you recommend? 


thanks in advance 



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Hi Mark,

I replaced the stock fork springs with .66 kg/mm. Race tech gold valves in the base valves. Stayed with 10w oil to make sure I had  enough rebound. Test rode this morning. Big improvment. Felt like I could of gone a bit softer on the shim stack.

It was cold today so before I get back into them I’ll back off the compression 2 more clicks.

    If I was going to do it over again I would try K-Tech’s full kit that includes ,springs, valves, shims and rebound needles.

Or just go with Rally Raids open cartrages.

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