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Braided hose kit from FREN TUBO


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I want to tell you about my positive experience!



In fact, I was lucky enough to be able to preview the braided hose kit from FREN TUBO (https://frentubo.it/it/).


FREN TUBO in fact is finishing the preparation of the kit and asked me (being from the same area, Bologna-ITALY) to try and review it.





But let's go in order: Mr. Filippo Ballanti, FREN TUBO's Management Assistant, replied to an email from me asking if they had something in the catalog for my Ténéré 700, inviting me to collect a test kit.

I am one of the first to try it! Some kits have been produced which are being tested on some motorcycles. And I was invited to be a part of it!


It consists of 7 lines + a bag of the various bindings + D.O.T and T.Ü.V.
The lines are in stainless steel and the fittings also (not aluminum).
Available cover colors: Blue, black, gray, orange, yellow, green, red, white (I chose yellow)



I entrusted the assembly to my trusted workshop "2LMotorsports" of Luca Zironi and Luca Lamberti from Pianoro (BO, ITALY) - https://www.facebook.com/2lucamotorsports/


Assembly: everything went smoothly; lines of the exact length, pivoting bushings that prevent the pipes from having to bend / rotate unnaturally. Rubber pads to compensate for the play in the various required passages (the original rubber hoses are in fact larger than the new braided ones, and this difference must therefore be compensated with  rubber pads already mounted on the various lines).

Fixed connections (for example to the front brake pump) are perfectly angled.


The only important note for anyone facing this replacement of the lines (regardless of the brand they choose) is the bracket at the rear (near rear mono). Between the small space and the bolt to unscrew... there is a bit of work.


Obviously, given the steps, the tank must be removed.
I chose a NILS DOT 5.1 (http://www.nils.eu/).


It is strongly recommended by FREN TUBO to rely on a workshop and not improvise.
There are no alarms to the ABS or to the control unit, but this does not prevent it from being done by those who have competence!


Sensations on the road: I haven't been able to test the system in the heat yet, but the first sensations are of a ready system, which responds very well. I subjected it to a few decisive pinches on dry asphalt until the ABS intervenes also on the front (I am talking about speeds on the order of 60/70 km / h). No indecision, right feedback sensation of the ABS at the levers (handlebar and foot) as needed.
All seasoned with a bombshell aesthetic!


The touch and sight quality of the kit is excellent. Really the feeling of being in front of a product of the highest Italian quality, known all over the world.


Here some more assembly photos:









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