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Shorter Side Stand


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Something we have been developing to compliment our popular Yamaha T7 suspension lowering link is a shorter Side Stand, and new stronger spring.
The disadvantage with lowering the T7 is that the OEM alloy side stand will then make the motorcycle stand more upright, especially with the 40mm Lowering Link.
To remedy this our fabricated steel stand is shorter to put the bike back to the original leaning angle.
Also included is a new return spring, 50% stronger than OEM, plus single coil, rather than the original double coil, which is easily over-stretched.


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Nice! I am not looking at lowering my suspension but I am most definitely looking for a stronger side stand spring. The OEM spring is very weak and there is no “positive” lock when the side stand is down. My T7 took its first horizontal nap on the garage floor when the side stand just folded in without much encouragement.  Along with a stronger spring I might machine just a touch off the “table” of the side stand stop to get a more secure feel when the side stand is out. Has anyone had similar issues or did I just get a “Friday” spring? 

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