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WTB Your low mileage stock Pirelli tires, USA.


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Call me crazy, but for 50-50 use I really like these stock tires. I want another pair so if you are about to toss yours, send em to me!


I'll buy em from you and plus shipping for a good deal. Send me a PM 


I'll give you $100 to ship em to me.  I'll pre pay you. You can tape em together top and bottom, stick a shipping label on the tape and ship em  for like $30 and keep the rest.  


Most people hate these tires off road, im ok with em.  pick shipping that is about the cheapest, you can print label from home and have em come get em. Avoid the UPS store franchises, they are expensive. 

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  • Cruizin changed the title to WTB Your low mileage stock Pirelli tires, USA.

Thank you Zbob, just looking for something under 150 miles. Many change their tires right away, know of more than one who never even rode on the STR. 


STR has no lateral (sideways) traction so sidehilling is avoided as is anything mud or sand on the Stock STR. On my lighter dikes Iv'e owned I usually build a 2nd set of wheels/paddle tires for St Anthony and Oregon sand dunes.  Im not taking a top heavy T7 to the dunes, but will simply build a set of gnarly wheels/tires for Western mountain and desert areas. 



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51 minutes ago, Gun Pup said:

I’m in Spokane with a set less than 100 miles before TKC80s, if you are close. 

Im in boise and will pay ya $100 to ship em. Its easy and should be like $30-$38 UPS ground. Tape em together and slap a shipping label on the tape. Send me a PM if that sounds like a plan. 

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