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Engine guard bags needed


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Anyone know of any good waterproof engine guard bags?

I have the Adventure Spec guards but any good bag should do.

I notice the Givi's are discontinued, and you cant get the Bagtec's K3 here in the states.


Anyone know of anything else that is waterproof and isnt too tiny or way too large?

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Kriega & Lomo make very similar 6ltr units. Believe the SW Motec’s are 8 ltr. All waterproof.

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Givi has the new Canyon series with a guard bag, $75 each side but won't be available until May. Maybe

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1 hour ago, Louis said:

Kreiga works well 


What size is that? 

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It's a 6 litre, its possibly to use the 12 litre.  But it is a bit bulky. 

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Givi crash bar bags....just ordered and received. Need to install. Look fantastic and waterproof.

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15 hours ago, ADVUSA said:

Amazon is now out...

Givi T513 Waterproof Engine Guard Bags, 5 Liter for $101.7 from Accessories International


They don't have them either.  Lucky you got them when you did. 

I'll probably go with the Kriega US-10 or 5s.

Though it's about $100 each.  Ugh.


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I don't still have the bike but during Black Friday last year I  bought two 6l bags from LoneRider for a little bit less then 6l Kreiga OS-6. Could not test them for instance but they really look nice and feel strong. Rolltop made of hepalon they are definetly waterproof. 

Les lotards aventuriers peuvent toujours utiliser un espace de stockage supplémentaire. Le MiniBag Lone Rider fournit la solution avec 6 litres de volume supplémentaire. Convient aux arceaux de sécurité, barres de protection...

 Looks nice on Tenere



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