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Center Stand fitting help


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Dose anyone have a photo of a fitted center stand. Yamaha do not send one in the box and do not have any information to fit them. I have a bag of brackets, bolts, springs, different thicknesses of washers and spacers and the stand with no photos or instructions and our local Yamaha dealer can't get any. 


Thanks Mick  

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How low does the stand sit when it’s up, when I saw it on the bike at the roadshow it seemed to sit very low 

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Stand now on after 45 mins thanks for the instructions as it made seance. It does looks low but after scratching round a few country lanes my boot touched the road and stand did not so assume its OK. It does stick out on one side but will make this easier to use with the panniers so happy with it so far.


Thanks Mick       

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On 9/23/2019 at 2:00 PM, smokelala said:



You’ve got the springs fitted the wrong way round IAW the fitting instructions posted, short end to the stand 🤔

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Hi All,


I need the reverse help here. I'm taking a OEM center stand off and want to likely sell it. I'm worried I don't have the correct hardware to get me back to stock. I've attached a photo of the extra stuff I was provided. But is this stuff for the front crash bars maybe or is it the right hardware?


The second photo with 5 bolts I think is for the passenger pegs and the side stand switch, so I think that mystery is solved.



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