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Centrestand and lowering links

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Being of shorter stature I will be utilising one, or both, of the options to lower the seat height when my Tenere is delivered in a few months time.  I plan to go for the lower seat first and keep the lowering links up my sleeve should the seat not be sufficient.  However, I really want to fit the centrestand and am wondering whether the effect of the lowering links on the rear suspension will affect the geometry of the centrestand and make it harder to get the bike up onto the stand (compared to the stock suspension).   I had an experience with a DR650 along these lines.  An aftermarket centrestand, made specifically for the DR, worked perfectly with the bike on its stock rear setting but when you lowered the bike using the factory method, the centrestand became almost impossible to use.


Is anyone running both the stand and the lowering links on their T7 and in a position to comment?

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Have T7Rally lowering links and SW Motec centrestand. 

Works for me - can get feet down better & no noticeable difference to handling/suspension at all

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I’ve 29” inside leg and lower seat alone works for me.

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