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Hello from Wisconsin


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Was in the mood for dipping into a T700 forum.

Question: I have only moped exp. Getting ready to take the MSF licensing course and am really smitten with the T700.

Is the Tenere 700 possible/advisable as a beginner bike? I'm 33, 190lbs and not particularly risk-seeking, so no wheelie/rev-seeking or speeding on highways.

If, against better advice, I still decide to get the T700 as a first bike, what are some "Ooof, good luck then" advice that I should take?

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@GunsNGunplaWelcome to the forum. First bike recommendations are as varied as there are opinions,  lots out there to choose from.  To help narrow things down,  what are you planning on doing with the bike? Street only? Dirt roads? Gnarly single track? It sounds like you're just getting started in riding which taking the MSF course is a great way to start. Having said that,  if you plan on off road riding,  try to find a dirt riding course that provides different bikes, so you can try different models to see what fits you.  If that isn't available you might consider a smaller ( lighter ) 200 - 400 cc dual sport to learn on. They can be had used for about a third of what a T700 will cost and if bought right, can be sold later for not too much of a loss.  All the while letting the used, easier to pickup off the ground, dual sport be your training tool helping to hone your skills.  Once you've built up skills and confidence with a smaller bike, you can move up to the T700 which would be a great 2nd bike.  Another thought is just get the  450 lb. T700 and learn on it, but if you want to learn dirt riding, something smaller is easier and less costly to fix after dropping it. ( and you will drop it) 😉 Just my .02 worth, others will come along and offer their thoughts, your job will be to decide who hits the closest to what you want to do. Best of luck!

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@AZJWThanks for the reply! Other reddit threads and YouTube videos (thinking Yammie Noob) were kinda one note on their yes or no decisions on ADV bikes for starters.

My intention is to spend a good amount of time just doing commuter roads, since I probably won't get to buying the bike until mid/late summer and by then I'm already staring down Wisconsin cold creeping in. I'd be preemptively buying the crash bars for the T7 at time of purchase 

Tentatively, I'd aim to start doing some very easy trails (basically flat grass/gravel) by Summer of 2022. The reasoning behind getting the T7 and skipping the 300-400 is that I'd rather be more familiar with the T7 by that time.

My intention is for the T7 to be my only bike for quite a while and get really good with it, rather than dilute my time with other bikes. I already have my guns hobby eating away at my wallet so unless I start making a lot more money, I don't see more than 1 bike in the garage at any given time.

Trying to square away the MSF by May. Although I'm very much on the T7 boat, I'll swing my leg over a couple different bikes at the dealership to see if my bum and inseam happens to take a shine to something smaller.

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