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Spring out west, eh!


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Lois lake rip.  logging activity will soon change the access to this local stop.  Catch 22 of island riding, the forest industry births an endless network of backwood access & at the same time takes away some of the favourite haunts.



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Shore access to wild deer lk & logging slash views of grant lk. The later being privately owned & gated though there’s rarely a soul in that valley. There’s far more space & trees than people on this rock.



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Spring becomes summer.

Many of the gated mains are now closed for fire season. But if you know a back door or two…
   Most of the deactivated roads are the preferred routes anyway. 
  Yesterday led to considerable altitude on the North ridge of the San Juan river valley & views I’d not visited yet. 
  Pictures never do it justice. Over a century of timber harvesting here has left an incredible maze of rugged old roads (most degrading to mere trails) that can easily & quickly lead one to the middle of nowhere wishing you’d installed that camel tank  already. Wondering if that next gate on the maps will be open or passable if not. You can easily get past the point of no return out there, leaving no option but getting through one way or another.

  Well out of cell service & rolling solo, the sanity meter kicked in quickly a couple times during some more questionable sections. 
   Much fun was had & many more hillsides & viewpoints were spied for future exploration. This island is T7 heaven.




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Locked gates usually we're safe from the side by sides that go ripping around on the trails. Lots of close calls with SxS on group rides on forest roads. Blasting by on blind turns.

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The gates do help thin traffic alright, but truth told it’s still pretty sparse up here even when they’re open. Bikes still easily outnumber the side x sides despite their growing popularity. There’s SO  much space out there, I didn’t see another soul for many hours & many km yesterday. 

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