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Yamaha Extras very poor


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The Yamaha factory extras you buy are a nightmare

- Carbon look indicators come with bullet connectors, not the proper connectors this is poor to be cutting wires on a new bike

- Heated handlebar grips come with a connection lead, after completely stripping the bike and checking every wire on it. The female connection in the loom does not appear to exist. Instructions are for am MT07 very poor indeed

- The rear number plate is quite possibly one of the most frustrating jobs I have ever done. It took 5 hours and the instructions are poor. It only moves the number plate up a bit but looks good  

- Engine bars are fantastic but have to be removed to take the side panels off. A little bit of thought and these would have been appreciated  

- Full exhaust system is simply epic and easy to fit

- Engine sump guard is great but still waiting for the tool box 8 weeks later.

- Top box rack and panniers look great but still to fit them 

- The rear seat conversion for storage / rack looks that bad it is going on ebay.

- The centre stand comes with no instructions and looks very complicated so left off (Yamaha do not have any ??????) despite contacting my dealer nobody can come up with any instructions. It has brackets, spacers, different sizes of bolts, varying thickness of washers and footrests need parts removing so a will not be attempting it till I have instructions.   


Overall a most frustrating experience and wished Yamaha had put a bit more thought into these items.


Have a think before ordering anything and hope this helps in choosing any extra bits for what is a fantastic bike. 






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Hello Mick, I would also like to install yamaha led flashers on my T7.  Could you tell me if there are yamaha resistors at the aftermarket led flashing lights?  And can you also tell whether there is a third wire at the front for any daytime running lights?  I saw the Plus Led flashing lights from Yamaha and would like to connect them at the front.  Hopefully you can tell me more about it.  Thank you in advance!  Nick

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Hi Nick yes contains a resistor in the kit but has bullet connectors rather than the proper plastic push fit ones. They do look quite good though. No third wire for daytime running lights. Thanks Mick 

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The indicators are not Tenere specific. They will fit various Yamaha models. So nothing to complain.

What exactly took you 5 hours to fit the tail? 

There were pictures of the  rear seat storage conversion out there. So nothing to complain.

The centre stand comes with fitting instructions. I have them. So YOUR centre stand came without mounting instructions.

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