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Coming from a Super Tenere


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I have 120,000 miles on 2 diferent Super Tenere's and now want a smaller brother for shorter rides/trips. My question is this, after riding the T7 for awhile do you think it will take the place of a Super Tenere or GS or other large touring adventure bikes? 

Thanks, Ken

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I have both, and if I want to eat mileage/ride 2-up I take the Super Tenere. When I want to hit the back roads/gravel/dual/single track I take the T7. If I'm planning on doing both (although NOT 2-up), I take the T7, as it will do the big miles, but not as comfortable as the Super Tenere.

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I think I have Yamaha disease...

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I have not had my T7 for long,  but there is a considerable difference and for long trip of mainly tarmac I don't think it will compare.

I sold my 2013 S10 and it was a great bike to put big miles on, pretty good on gravel roads as well.

I sold it looking for something lighter and hoping more of my riding will offroad. 


The seat will be a big limiter for long distance.  Hopefully a one piece aftermarket seat will fix that, but until seat concepts gets theirs to market there are limited fixes that I have found, but it depends on your location.   The 2 piece solutions I have seen are not a fix for me.  I sit back on the seam so a 2 piece is not an option.


2nd item I find annoying is the peg location, but that can be fixed easily enough or eventually I may get used to it.

I don't think power is a real issue as the T7 will be fine on long trips, but the lower weight will get you blown around by the wind considerably more than the S10.


Both great bikes, time will tell if I love the T7 as much as my former S10.



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Here is my 1st ride review from last year comparing my highly modified 2014 S10 ES to the T7..spoiler alert...I do not miss my S10 & will never go back to a heavier bike..the T7 is a Goldilocks, that with the right accessories/tweaks can competently fulfill many roles 🙂  


Yamaha Tenere 700, Yamaha Super Tenere 1200 ES, Ride Reviews


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After 7 months of duel ownership I sold my Super Tenere cause it just sits there making me feel bad.

If the Super Tenere had front suspension comparable to the 7T I would of kept it.

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This is an interesting topic, having owned my 79K Mi. 2012 S10 since new. I've commuted it daily, ridden it way too far off-pavement, and covered the Western US, including a fair sampling of BDRs 2-up with Mrs. Boondocker. I can't see getting rid of it because it's a special machine, but I can see it getting more relegated to 2-up duty. I have all of 6 miles on my showroom fresh T7 and I'm not at home to ride it. 😪


From my one and only T7 test ride, the impression that stood out most was that it felt just right. I had a Honda XL650R decades ago that also felt just right. Every bike since then I've had to alter the "rider triangle touch points" to get the best possible fit. Sitting or standing, I don't think I'll be in a hurry to fiddle with the T7 ergos, but it's early days. For reference, I'm 6-ft tall, 34-in inseam, 160 lbs. There are places I ride my WR250R that I wouldn't want to take a 450-lb bike, especially since I ride solo 99% of the time. On the other hand, there are a lot places I want to go that are too many highway miles away for the 250.


Not that my mind wasn't made up before I purchased, but yeah, I do believe the T7 is the "Mama Bear" in my Goldilocks story.

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I have a 2015 S10 and the ‘21 T700, and if the T700 had factory cruise control, I would sell the S10.  The T700 has a great engine, but the S10 has better stock ergos for me, low maintenance shaft drive, a larger gas tank, and great wind protection for long distance days/trips.  

To me, the T7 feels heavier than it scales but definitely could be an only bike for most people.  My hands are old and tired....give me the S10 with cruise for the big trips——or my Tracer GT with factory cruise.


I would like Yamaha to bring out an Adventure version of the T700 with tubeless wheels, cruise, larger tank, etc. (similar to the different Africa Twin versions).  I would buy one immediately and the S10 would be gone.

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