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Well finally found some good weather in the great white north and managed to put on 1000kms on Friday and yesterday. Team consisted of a DR650, a KLR and 2 T7's. Friday we did the Victoria Trail ride, and yesterday was a  forestry truck road foothills ride. Coming up on 10,000kms and almost a year old!


Bike performed flawlessly. Pipe and 2WDW tune performed very well. Plenty of power on gravel to roost it up through 3rd gear whenever and where ever you wanted. Fuel consumption was about 10% more than the other T7 on the route, but I'm about 50lbs heavier, and tend to have an aggressive throttle hand😁 so I'm fine with the difference. The 16T front sprocket worked better than I expected. Dropped the revs about 600 rpm on the highway, and is still fine in the bush. Did some single track cutline riding where it was super technical (off camber, uphill climbs, steep descents) and I used the clutch a little more than I would have before (mainly for speed control), but the torque of this CP2 made it so I didn't need to rev at all. Very happy with my mods.


Re-done suspension is sprung perfectly for my weight. Damping needs a bunch of testing and tuning to get it right. Tweaked the fork damping settings once, then didn't play any further, and I think I went the wrong way. Will play with it some more in the coming weeks and report back.


Went back to the stock screen with the Puig lip spoiler on top with 2 x 1.5" holes drilled in it to relieve pressure behind it, and that seemed to help. Minimal buffeting in still air. When in a side wind, it buffeted a bit, but acceptable.

IMG_20210417_133553 Small.jpg

IMG_20210417_140939 Small.jpg

IMG_20210417_144133 small.jpg

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I think I have Yamaha disease...

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Sounds great....you have some fine places to ride! Nice photos too.  Cheers,  Steve 

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