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Spare master link for stock chain?

A A Ron

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Has anyone found a clip-style master link that works with the stock chain to carry as a spare?  The chain is manufactured by D.I.D and marked 525 V11.  I contacted D.I.D USA and they told me they didn't know because D.I.D Japan handles OEM chains.  I thought a D.I.D 525VX3  master link might work, but read on another Yamaha forum (can't remember model) that it didn't work for a chain also marked 525 V11.


On a side note, I always debate whether to carry chain repair stuff - spare master link, chain press/breaker, spare short section of links - on long trips because repairing a chain on the trail/road side can often be a difficult proposition.  For example, pressing stout 525 pins out with my light weight Motion Pro tool might be a no go.  It may be best to just make sure your chain is well within its service life and adjusted correctly, and to run a chain guide.  For uber long journeys, it is probably best to just carry a spare chain.  But then you likely at least need a chain press to install it.  What do others do for say BDR length trips?

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I road for 40+ years and never had a chain issue, nor did anyone I was riding with. That said, yes it can happen.

You last paragraph covers it pretty good. I wouldn't bother for anything less than an around the world trip. Here in the USA, carry a cell phone and "Bob's your Uncle"!


On my dirt bikes I do this, for insurance. Old dirt rider trick.



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I asked a similar question in another thread a minute ago. If one were to travel around the world as mentioned, and brought a complete new chain, one probably brought sprockets too. How would one break the front sprocket loose on the trail? Thats a tight fella!


By the way, which Motion Pro tool is it you have? I’m about to purchase one.



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@JayD I have the motion pro lightweight chain tool Part No. 08-0358.  The MP website description implies that it won't break a 525 chain.

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