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Hello from Essex


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Hi all,

Tenere 700 test ride completed. One hour in the saddle and after having a think about what I have tested ( vitpilen 701,husky 701, tracer 900, triumph scrambler 1200, aprilia dorsoduro 900 ) and how this bikes compares to the rest of the bikes and my Gs I am sharing my experience.
Riding position : for me 6.4 perfect even without the addition of rally seat. Handle bars are absolutely spot on, the best possible position I have tested so far. Better than the Gs adventure.
I would like to try the rally seat and see if it is something that I would need as this makes it more comfortable for the knee angle but might require bar raisers with the additional height. 
Screen is very nice and buffeting is less than on my Gs adventure, almost none.

This is amazing as with my height there are not alot of bikes that offer clean air.
Suspension and handling : at first it was very awkward ( I think because of the tyres) as the bike handles different than my gs 1200 adventure and I needed 20 min to get used to it. The dive under braking is bigger than on the Gs but nothing that has bothered me.
Handles easier and after 45 min in the saddle I felt like this is going to be loads of fun. You can push in the corners with confidence. The weight saving from my tractor is noticebale. 
The fear that I have had in regards to a 21 inch tyre is not there anymore, it felt not alot different than my 19 inch.
Engine and gearbox: engine is smooth everywhere and pulls nicely, love the sound of it under load. The amount of power is enough for what I would want from my next bike and loved the fact that you can use the power and not do silly speeds. 
Gearbox was better than on the boxer alot quicker to change gear and felt precise with no hickups.
Engine needs an exhaust to make a nicer sounds.
Braking and tyres: Brakes lack the initial bite from brembos I'm used to but after a while you get used to and adapt quickly, might be needing a more aggressive pads for my liking as I'm not going to be using the bike off-road.
Back brake is not as good as I would have liked it to be but again this might need more time in the saddle.
Tyres are definitely not my cup of tea although after 30 min I felt like they are not that bad as the first impression but would definitely change to something more street orientated.
Seat is firm but I prefer harder seats than sofas like on my Gs adventure.
Overall the bike is something that most tall riders will appreciate and the combined with a very smooth engine low weight and a very good price I think it is a winner.
After all the bikes I have tried the only fear I had was that this bike will not handle as I would like it to but it surprised me and even with a 21 inch tyre I am happy to say its the perfect bike for me and the type of riding I do.
The search has come to an end because I have put a deposit down with expected delivery for January next year. I will probably push the dealer for end of Feb or March delivery because of the winter months but we will see if I can live without this bike for that long.
I hope the review is useful for other riders that are thinking to buy this bike.

Look forward to January 🙂

Regards Aleks 

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Fair review and fair play. Omg I was lucky as I did not have to wait that long as one that was sold became available as the buyer pulled. Good luck you’ll love it the bike is also very well build to.

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