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Aux SAE Port


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I have SAE ports (dongles hanging off the battery) on my other bikes because I need it for my tire pump, GPS, and battery minder (one at a time please). Since the T7 comes with a convenient hole for an auxiliary power port, I used it for a clean installation. Nice to have this much-needed port not sticking out of the side of the bike like a lame afterthought. This is the (Amazon) link to the part: OYMSAE SAE Power Port.


Picture of part. 2 ports are included, one with SAE plug on the end and the other with bare wires on the end. I used the bare-wire part because I needed to lengthen the wires - soldered and shrink-tubed.


Picture of the port installed. It has a weather-proof cap that is open in this shot. Since the port is screwed onto the opening rather than threaded from underneath, I did not have to remove the headlight for installation, only the seat and 3 right-side fairings.


The wiring is routed inside conduit, neatly under the fairings and inside the frame, directly to the battery as an unswitched circuit with a 7.5 amp inline fuse.


OYMSAE SAE Power Socket.png

SAE port circled.jpg

SAE Port connection circled.jpg

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Really nice job! I have my SAE connector in afterthought configuration haha

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I've never seen or heard of an SAE plug, what are some use cases for this vs the cig lighter?

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8 hours ago, Dakota said:

I've never seen or heard of an SAE plug, what are some use cases for this vs the cig lighter?

MOST SAE plug take direct 12VDC and usually used on things such as heated liner, battery tender, 12VDC controllers so there is no need of converter.


I said most because I am sure there are some are 5VDC but haven't run across it.

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