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Hi from Eagle, CO


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I got lucky and found a T7 just 30 mins West of me.  Put a deposit down and when it got to the dealer two weeks later, I picked it up and that same weekend rode the Kokopelli trail on it:

It was snowing in the canyon, so I couldn't ride it home:


When I got home, I rode around the neighborhood and realized I needed new pegs immediately.  I felt really bow legged standing up and to get my legs in the correct spot, they were hanging off the pegs.  That was the only mod I did before taking it to the desert.  Rode from Rabbit Valley to the Dewey bride on day one.  No racks, so just tossed a duffel on back with my bivy.  Was nice to sleep under the stars:



Broke the side stand switch about 15 mines into the first ride, so my second mod happened.  I made sure to use yellow Yamaha tape instead of my normal orange KTM tape:





Got home, and realized the stock "skid plate" wasn't going to cut it, so I ordered a new one.  The stock plate was bent to Shet and was actually hard to get off. 🙂  I also soldered the wires together for the switch, then heat tape, then black electrical tape, and it's now a permanent fix:






Anyway, I love this bike.  I'm coming off a 990 and there are a lot of similar feelings and a lot of different feelings.  I think I'm going to really like this bike.....especially how easy the oil changes will be compared to my beloved 990.

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Nice skid plate.  I have one too.  When I got it I just wanted to mount it into a picture frame and hang it on the wall.  The Gut Guard is a nice piece of hardware.  Welcome as well.

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Oil changes in the 9x0 ktm adventures. 🤣

One of the reasons I sold mine. 
I agree the bikes are similar but for some reason I like the T7 a ton more than I did my 950. 
For some reason the T7 just feels better to ride granted the suspension isn’t that great compared to the KTM and it has less power, not sure why but that’s my $.02

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Thanks for he welcome. I plan on starting a ride report thread and just posting in there.  Went out last night with my wife on her CT90 and camped, so might have to start with that:



I don't know if I'd say I like the T7 better than the 990 just yet, but I can feel it moving that way.  Not as much low end grunt, but I love the quick side to side, the super smooth engine, and the solid traction under acceleration.  The suspension isn't the best, but it's not as bad as I'd thought it would be based on what people said.  It's harsh on big hits, but supple on wash board, which I'm fine with.  Going to tune it a bit, and maybe look at some aftermarket options down the road when it's clapped out... 🙂  Few things I did notice a fair bit were the lower ground clearance and the chain lash as slow speed.  Just worked the clutch a bit more, and now biggie really.  Anyway, so far I'm a huge fan and we'll see where it goes form here.

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Did you buy that from Glenwood? If so I saw your bike there! I got the blue one they had after whoever ordered it walked away from a deposit. 

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On 5/15/2021 at 4:51 PM, rtadlock said:

Went out last night with my wife on her CT90 and camped


Cool wife!! The new Honda Trail 125's may be in my future as a goof off bike...

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12 hours ago, Dealer507 said:

Did you buy that from Glenwood? If so I saw your bike there! I got the blue one they had after whoever ordered it walked away from a deposit. 


Yeah, I got it in Glenwood.  Did a dealer search and they had a few coming in, so I called and put a deposit on this one.  Maybe 3 weeks back now I think....

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