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Re-key Givi Luggage to Yamaha Ignition Key


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There's been a couple of posts here and on elsewhere about rekeying Givi luggage to match the Yamaha ignition key but no full write-ups so this is the latter. If anyone has done this different or better, please chime in.


Most of what I did followed this thread here: https://www.yamahasupertenere.com


Order Yamaha part 59C-281C0-00-00. I got it from Partzilla, but lots of places will have it in stock. It contains a kit with the brass tumblers, lock barrel, core, and springs:



I actually followed the instructions in the kit and assembled the included core with the correct tumblers, but you don't really need to do this:




Remove the lock module from your Givi luggage. I'm doing this on a Dolomiti top box so your situation might vary. For me, there's six screws inside the case:




And two on the bottom:




With those off, the lock module is free. Take a look at the back:




Remove the 10mm nut and lock washer underneath. You can now pull that black plastic plate that says "TOP" on it off. Beware that there is a ball bearing detent and spring that will be loose. With the nut removed, you can pull out the Givi lock assembly, leaving the empty plastic module.


The Givi lock assembly is quite a bit different from the Yamaha assembly. The Givi uses many more tumblers and has a threaded boss on the end:





Thus, we're going to reuse the Givi core and populate it with Yamaha tumblers from the kit to get the Yamaha key to work. You can start by removing all of the tumblers from the Givi core. Just press them out from the back side with a screw driver:




The Givi core has a hardened stationary tumbler that needs to be removed. I ended up removing the front shutter assembly and then using some pliers to slide it out, but you could likely just use pliers to slide it out without messing with the front shutter assembly.








Now the fun part. In that thread above, JJTJ2 says they started with the smallest Yamaha tumbler to get the lock to work well. So I blindly did the same. Note in this image I still have the original Givi tumbler in the first position.




Next, I inserted the key all the way and looked to see which tumbler slots lined up with flats on the Yamaha key. Originally I was going to just transfer the tumblers one-to-one from the Yamaha prescription, but since the Givi tumbler slots don't line up exactly with the Yamaha ones that didn't really make sense. I ended up populating these tumblers for my key:




Wherever it looked like there was a good flat for the tumbler to land, I measured the key with a set of calipers and selected the correct tumbler per the Yamaha instructions. Note that the Yamaha tumblers are NOT retained in the Givi barrel, so if you just pull the key out with the core exposed you'll have a bad time with springs and tumblers everywhere. Test the new keying by installing the core into the Givi barrel. It should turn without issue when the key is inserted but stay in position when the key is removed. Note that for whatever reason the key is no longer retained in the locked position (it was with the Givi key). I consider this a feature as I'd like to be able to leave my case unlocked. Maybe a locksmith can chime in regarding which tumbler needs to be there for that functionality to work.


All that remains now is to reassemble the newly keyed lock back into the case. Reassembly is the reverse of teardown above. And tada:




Hope this helps someone out there. The key is a little loose in the lock but I'm pretty happy. I'll be sure to update this post if I end up permanently locking my case because something fails.


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I keyed my Givi Outback Trekker 42L to the Tenere ignition key last week. Used the same instructions you found. I transferred the 5 matching tumblers from the Yamaha barrel to the Givi barrel, leaving the 1st slot (starting from the key entry) empty. The key worked, but was still a bit wobbly, so I added a tumbler to the 1st position and the 7th (trial and error). Now it's stable, works like a charm and it also retains the key in the locked position 🙂 

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Will vouch for the Givi / Yamaha method. Did it as well and it works fine. It's a little fidgety as the OEM key has more grooves than Givi's, but with a tiny wiggle it opens up 100% of the time.

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