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Requesting help troubleshooting my Check Engine Light



I'm requesting help troubleshooting my Check Engine Light (CEL).

2021 Tenere 700
USA (not sure if different versions in different regions)
Mileage: 370 mi (595 km)
Work done in the interval in which the CEL was triggered
  • Lots of work at the handlebars
    • Removed handlebar mount, rotated handlebar mount bracket 180 degrees, reinstalled handlebars rotated forward
    • Removed stock hand grips
    • Initially attempted to relocate controls on left handlebar (where the turn signal is), eventually reinstalled when I realized I can't slide it over
    • Removed stock hand guards
    • Installed SW Motech Kobra guards (barkbusters)
    • Installed Keso Apollo heated grips
      • Connected to Yamaha-provided Sumitomo 3-way connector on left side
      • Initially had an issue where wire was binding when turning handlebars, eventually chewed through wire. I don't know if this created a short to ground. After cutting and rewiring, Apollo grips are functioning correctly
  • Installed a wire pigtail to battery for my battery tender
    • Note this means that both battery terminals were completely disconnected from bike electronics for ~10 minutes
  • Upgraded rear spring on rear shock assembly
    • Removed rear shock assembly 
    • Replaced stock rear shock spring with heavier duty (90 Nm) K-tech spring
    • Reinstalled rear shock assembly
  • EDIT: forgot to include that I installed Camel Adv anti-bobblehead bars


Any thoughts or tips?


Initially the ABS and CEL lights were on; I rode it a few miles and the ABS light went out, but CEL stayed on. Bike seemed to function normally during this short ride.


I have purchased a dongle to connect my OBDII scanner, but the dongle won't arrive until later in the week. 


I'm of course willing to take it to the Yamaha dealer, but wanted to gather information first. It's a 1 hour trip to get there, and I'll need to borrow both a trailer and vehicle to pull that trailer, so making the trip is not trivial.

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@Spacejunky You're on the right track by getting a connector for your OBD scanner as they're too many different scenarios that would trigger the CEL to be guessing.  Possibly a wire might be pinched/ grounded when you moved handlebar controls around? My guess is it's something minor and clearing the code is all that's necessary.  I'm sure you've already found the list of codes for diagnosis, but if not, here's a link.  Codes start on page 454, section 9-1.  Good luck!




"Men do not quit playing because they grow old, they grow old because they quit playing" Oliver Wendell Holmes - Mods - HDB handguards, Camel-ADV Gut guard, 1 finger clutch, The Fix pedal & Rally pipe, RR side/tail rack, RR 90nm spring & Headlight guard, Rally seat, OEM heated grips- stablemate Beta 520RS

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