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Hands up, who likes me ?

Devon Longdude

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Hi all,

Just touched down on this forum. Having had most of the 'huge' ADV bikes, also lots of trail singles and I've loved them all, but the only problem with big ADV's,  is that I'm getting fed up with the weight and shear size of them. Being 6 foot 5 tall, I need a tall bike. I owned an xt660z and liked it immensely,  but it lacked a the punch to pull my bulk along. I went and sat on the T700 in a local bike dealer..........it felt spot on for me. I managed to get a test ride yesterday and the bike was everything I'd hoped for. I've done a lot of green laneing on KTM EXC's, over the years and have aspirations to go to Europe to do some of the TET. I reckon the T700 would be great for this ! I'm working on the finances and will get one in the spring, '22. In the meantime, I'll gen up on all the cool posts on here 👍

So, that's how I landed here.


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  • Devon Longdude changed the title to Hands up, who likes me ?

Tall guy myself, absolutely loving the T7. I have big TET plans too, I’m located in Norway.


Welcome to the forum!

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Hi JayD

I've been to Norway 5 times, 2 times on a motorcycle.  My favourite EU country ! My wife said, why wait until next year (very unusual, usually complains about how often I change bikes), but I'm trying to be grown up and patient 😉


Everybody, you can all now put your hands down  😷

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4 hours ago, Neil said:

Welcome Rob (Rick?); nice "Young Ones" reference. 😉

Don't forget the silent P

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Welcome, Rob......even if you are the wrong side of the Tamar! 


Hopefully Spring 22 will come round soon,  without restrictions.

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Ha, but I don't have to pay to get in, only to get back ! 🤣👍

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