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Top-Box Choices / Fitments

Noel McCutcheon

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I Think that the Givi Tracker box fits the Yamaha rack (givi mono-key)....


So, if, so which would you go with Yamaha box (made by givi) or Givi ‘s own Tracker box or others?


I’ve Yamaha rack so Yamaha or it if fits givi tracker ?? Choice is mine 😎

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Outback trekker 42lt or Dolomiti Trekker 46lt. Both models are givi, sturdy as the original  and cheaper than the original Yamaha... that is obviously made by givi. I suppose that givi won’t produce a side pannier rack for our bike. I’m planning to buy side pannier rack from Yamaha with only the right pannier, that is made to fit aside the muffler. For the left pannier my chose is obviously givi .

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I went with fitting a Givi Trekker 33L




on with the Yamaha rack 




for Xmas 😁.

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Has anyone mounted the

Trekker Dolomiti MONOKEY® case in a natural aluminium finish, 46 ltr• Deep-drawn base and lid, stainless steel rivets• Security Lock with standard dust-cover screw-top• Hooks to attach an elasticated cargo net on the underside of the lid• Four nylon belt-strap loops...

GIVI DLM46 TREKKER DOLOMITI topcase and is willing to share some pics?


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