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Problem with fuel pump


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I have a little problem with my T7


When I switch on the ignition the fuel pump does not systematically start, but the motorcycle always starts with the first stroke of the starter.


I installed a healtech iQSE shifter, I reconnected everything well I do not see what this could come from.


I installed the ground of the shifter on the - of the battery directly.


I have had a lithium battery since I got the bike, the bike have 1'200 kms (04/2021)


Do you have any ideas where this might come from?


Sorry for my English, I'm French ...


thanks a lot for your help

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The the bike always start, and run? If so, you may not have a problem, only a different operating condition.


I am un-familiar with the EU (assuming its EU spec) specifications but upon turning on the ignition, the fuel pump should normally start to provide fuel pressure to the system so when the injectors fire, there is fuel at them to push into the engine for ignition. It is possible, that with this specific motorcycle, the fuel system is fitted with appropriate check valves that maintain very specific fuel pressure (from previous engine operation) for start-up to minimize cold start emissions. Once system fuel pressure drops below a threshold, it will then start the pump, thus pumping fuel.


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I think I have Yamaha disease...

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Thank you for your answer I also thought about this operation, but I noticed it once I had finished fitting my Shifter and I had never paid attention to it before, suddenly I am unable to say if all the euro 5 working like that or if mine has a problem. Ideally, someone who also has a euro 5 would have to confirm to me that the pump does not systematically switch on to be really certain! Would anyone here be kind enough to take this little test?

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I've got an euro 5, and it acts the same. It seems that if there's enough pressure in the line, the pump does not start when turning the key. No problems 👍

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59 minutes ago, Metanol said:

J'ai un euro 5, et il agit de la même manière. Il semble que s'il y a suffisamment de pression dans la ligne, la pompe ne démarre pas en tournant la clé. Pas de problème👍


Aaaaah thank you very very much my friend! All it's okay 😊😊😊

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I had a play with my euro5 tenere earlier.


I turn the key on, the dash lights come on and the fuel pump I hear pressuring.

Turn off bike with key.


Next attempt.

If i hit the red kill switch so it is activated. This time when i turn on the ignition the dash lights up but no sound of the fuel system pressuring.  If i set the kill switch to the run position still no sound of the fuel pump.


Turn off ignition.

Leaving the kill switch disabled (run position) I turn on then ignition and the dash lights up and the fuel pump is heard.


I didnt start the bike though just played around with the ignition on or off with the kill switch either active or not. It also makes a difference in behaviour.

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38 minutes ago, MSMKVI said:

J'ai eu un jeu avec mon tenere euro5 plus tôt.


J'allume la clé, les voyants du tableau de bord s'allument et j'entends la pompe à essence faire pression.

Éteignez le vélo avec la clé.


Prochaine tentative.

Si j'appuie sur le coupe-circuit rouge, il est activé. Cette fois, lorsque je mets le contact, le tableau de bord s'allume mais aucun bruit de pression du système d'alimentation en carburant. Si je mets le coupe-circuit en position de marche, toujours aucun son de la pompe à carburant.


Coupez le contact.

En laissant le coupe-circuit désactivé (position marche) je mets le contact puis le contact et le tableau de bord s'allume et la pompe à essence se fait entendre.


Je n'ai pas démarré le vélo mais j'ai juste joué avec le contact allumé ou éteint avec le coupe-circuit actif ou non. Cela fait aussi une différence dans le comportement.

Thank you for your interesting feedback, that means that depending on what is activated / deactivated, the pump is pressurized or not!


I'm sure the bike would have started if you had operated the starter, so it's normal operation on this bike.


Thanks again for your help guys 🙏🙏🙏

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