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Martijn 700

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Hi all,


Introducing myself here was long overdue. I am Martijn from the Netherlands. I’ve been following the discussions here for a while, when I put together my bike.

So a big thank you is in place for this community!

I spend about 40.000 km on a V-Strom before switching to a Tenere 700 last fall. Very happy with it! Been enjoying my first encounters with unpaved roads and recently joined an all road training in the Netherlands. The plan is to make larger trips in Europe moving forward.


Some of the changes on the bike compared to stock:

- Hyperpro progressive springs in both front and back

- Mitas E-07s front and rear

- Outback skidplate and asymmetrical pannier rack (with Kriega OS32/22 bags)

- Heed bunker crashbars 

- Double Take mirrors

- Barkbusters hand guards

- Zumo XT on crossbar

- OSCO chain oiler


The only thing I am still playing around with is the wind screen. I’ve been going back and forth between the stock screen, Powerbronze low screen and big tinted Givi screen - combined with T7Rally risers. Did not find a best overall solution yet for my 1.76 height 🙂





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Welcome to the Forum.


I installed the HyperPro Springs too. Very happy with it. The fork is so much better now.


How do you like the Mitas? Especially the rear if it is the E-07 and not the E-07+.




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Hi Martin,

I am very pleased with the E-07s overall. Putting them on myself was a challenge though with the stiff sidewalls they have. On tarmac, I’d say they provide a little less confidence compared to the STRs. But still very enjoyable to ride. On sandy roads however they feel so much better than the STRs. 




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