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Hello to one and all!


After many years away from the saddle, I have returned on this amazing machine, the Ténéré 700! The restrictions that COVID brought to my life had a significant negative impact on my mental and physical well being. The cure? A T7 of course!


Bikes of my past:

  • 2004 Honda 599
  • 2006 Honda CBR600 F4i
  • 2006 Honda CBR600 RR


As you can see from the past selections, I have no off-road riding experience, but I'm really looking forward to the boundless explorations that an adventure bike can allow us to achieve. I understand that the bike is only 1 part of the team and that I need to re-train myself and learn the rider skills needed as an adventure rider.




As a new adventure rider, on this fine tall bike, I expect I'll be dropping her quite frequently once off-road... as such, some protection and a few other add-ons:

  • Outback Motortek | Lower & Upper Crash Bars
  • Outback Motortek | Symmetrical | Pannier Racks (with X-brace for a 1 Gallon Rotopax on the inner left pannier rack)
  • Yamaha OEM | Low Seat (lowers 20mm)
  • Quadlock iPhone Mounting System (I'll get a proper GPS when needed)
  • Yamaha OEM | Center Stand (Ordered)


If any of you more experienced riders want to share with me a few hard lessons you've learned which I could benefit from, I would be most grateful. 


Ride On & Explore Safely!

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Great choice! Protect your levers with some decent bark busters or similar. The T7 is a user friendly & capable bike to develop off road skills with (until you drop it, then the work starts) Enjoy the new scoot & the learning curves!

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Thanks @Hammerhead


Barkbusters are definitely on the list. I need to give my wallet a break for the time being 😉

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