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Nik Hum

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So, I have read a lot on this forum (and a few others) and learned a lot, and perheps in the future I can contribute what I have learned.
This seems to be the right place to join to meet fellow T7 riders which wants to share information and tips to make our lifes easier.

So, I´m a Swede and got a 2020 Tenere wich I like a lot more then I thought I would.

I´ve ridden sport bikes/road racing bikes all my life, but started watching Youtube videos about "Adventure" bikes last autumn and decided to try one out, and is now a very happy owner of a T7.

So, I´m a newby off road, but have started to learn this way of riding and is really liking it, and is starting to use the rear brake after 30 years+ of front brake only! (other then shifting weigth on RR tracks)


I´ve got a KTM 1290 R Superduke 2020  to get me smilimg om the road, but the Tenere gets me smilinmg everywhere else.

I think the Tenere have got the perfect engine for this kind of bike, off course, 20 more hp would be fun, and sometimes useful on the road (highways), but for what it´s ment to do, it´s a really grat package.

I had an XSR900 before, and I would really like that engine in a T9, but the weight of that engine would probably not make it worth it.


I´ve done a lot to the T700 to make it my one, nothing special, and some of it cheap as I like to come up with my one solutions.

Suspension: other springs font and back, Valves from K-tecjhfor the fork.

Exhaust_ A 30 degree and ad a 60 degree bent together with a silencer of your choise will provide a more secure installment to keep your bike intact.

Some parts ordered, some made by me, but a lot of small chances have been made.


I hope to be able to provide some help to others, but suspect I will learn a lot more from you all!

I´m still basicly a tarmac rider, but willing to learn new ways.

Perhaps my years in road racing can help in some ways, I know that it´s made me picky when it comes to suspension, but I still don´t know what the golden standard is when it comes to "Adventure bikes".





How it looked when I got it.





Some times you just get stucked... This cost me a new clutch....



With the brother...sibblimg...


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Welcome to the forum! Have fun with your toys, they're so different but so equally exciting! 

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Thank you!
I prefere the Tenere at the moment as it´s a new way of riding to me, but the Super Duke is a lot of fun purely due to the engine.

I´ll probably trade the KTM when the earranty runs out though, perhaps to get an XSR900 wich I really liked after I upgraded the suspension on the last one.

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