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Manually cycling abs system



Has anyone found a way to manually cycle the abs System in your garage.


When flushing brake fluid I like to cycle the abs to ensure complete replenishment of the fluid.

On my previous Super Tenere you could make a simple jumper and follow the service manual procedure to cycle the abs while in the garage.


I was hoping the T7 might be similar, but the only info I have been able to find so far is In the T7 service manual it indicates you need to use the Yamaha Diagnostic tool plugged into the bike to do this procedure. 


Eventually I will get a OBD2 cable adapter just in case I see codes that might need to be reset.  I am thinking maybe a good code reader with ABS/brake diagnostic features will be able perform this function?  Has anyone with the adapter and code reader looked to see if they can use one to cycle the abs?


Anyone perform this function at home with another method?


Yes I know it is easy to ride the bike and activate the abs, but it would be ice to be a be able to get this done all at the same time.

Many Super tenere owners have had issues with abs unit failures.   I will bet a lot of it can be tied back to lack of abs activation or never flushing the unit to ensure fresh fluid in the system.  Just trying to make sure I don't eventually have a similar issue with the T7.





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Long story short, I accidentally loosened a connection in my rear brake line, and even though I have since tightened it, topped the brake fluid off, and bled the brakes, the ABS light is stuck ON on my dash. The brakes work completely fine at this time. I took the bike for a rip down the street and back, stomping the rear brake multiple times, hoping that it would acknowledge that everything is OK and clear itself. ABS kicked in and worked just fine when doing this.


Wondering if there is some kind of way to reset the ABS system. Bike was purchased earlier this year and is still under warranty, but I fear if I bring it in, it will be stuck in the shop for 2 months...

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It’s maybe thrown a MIL when you released the pressure and the ecu has logged the fault.


You will probably have to hook up a reader to the OBD port and reset the fault code.

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I'm going to try one of these in the future.  I've yet to get one but soon hopefully.  Way better to do this work in your own garage.


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4 hours ago, Landshark said:

I'm going to try one of these in the future.


@LandsharkPlease post review once you get one and use it... This will be my first moden bike (ABS & F/I), and although I fear change, I will have to address issues when they arise. 


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Just to revive this post to see if anyone confirmed a method of manually cycling the ABS Operation Test without use of the Yamaha Diagnostic Tool....useful when bleeding the brakes/system to ensure old fluid is flushed from the ABS Motor.  As 'williestreet' noted in his original post it was possible to manually operate the Super Tenere 1200 Hydraulic Unit Operation Test #2 via placing a jump wire on the light blue & black leads of the ABS Test Plug located under the seat (which apparently duplicated the Yamaha Test Coupler Adapter function) & then just follow the procedure noted in the Service Manual or as posted by KevHunts on the Super Tenere forum Nov 2016.  I successfully did this on my S10 when bleeding the hydraulic system.


I tried my BlueDriver OBD reader, which has advanced diagnostic capability & it does not provide any option to duplicate the T7 Yamaha Diagnostic Tool Hydraulic Unit Operation Tests as noted in the T7 Service Manual.  The T7 Diagnostic Tool Plug/Coupler located under the seat behind the battery contains 4 wires : L/R, L/B, B, R/W....if a correct assumption that L/B = light blue & B = black then this might follow Yamaha's wiring protocol on the S10 & perhaps the same jumper method as used on the Super Tenere could be used on the T7?  I have included pics of the various sections of the T7 Service Manual that apply + the Super Tenere counterpart & KevHunts post.  My only hesitation in testing this theory is the possibility of damaging the electrical system/ecu should  this jump wire method not be correct for the T7.  Any one care to chime in?   TIA 🙂

T7 Bleeding Brakes ABS_Page_1.jpg

T7 Bleeding Brakes ABS_Page_2.jpg

T7 ABS Operational Tests_Page_1.jpg

T7 ABS Operational Tests_Page_2.jpg

T7 ABS Operational Tests_Page_3.jpg

T7 ABS Operational Tests_Page_4.jpg

T7 ABS Coupler Location Chart - Yamaha Diagnostic Tool Coupler.jpg

Yamaha Super Tenere Bleeding Brake & ABS Module_Page_01.jpg

Yamaha Super Tenere Bleeding Brake & ABS Module_Page_02.jpg

Yamaha Super Tenere Bleeding Brake & ABS Module_Page_03.jpg

Yamaha Super Tenere Bleeding Brake & ABS Module_Page_04.jpg

Yamaha Super Tenere Bleeding Brake & ABS Module_Page_05.jpg

Yamaha Super Tenere Bleeding Brake & ABS Module_Page_06.jpg

Yamaha Super Tenere Bleeding Brake & ABS Module_Page_07.jpg

Yamaha Super Tenere Bleeding Brake & ABS Module_Page_08.jpg

Yamaha Super Tenere Bleeding Brake & ABS Module_Page_09.jpg

Yamaha Super Tenere Bleeding Brake & ABS Module_Page_10.jpg

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I have not found a method to do a manual cycling of the ABS Yet.


The connection on the Super tenere was not an OBD2 port like on our T7, so I am not willing to try jumping wire like we could do on the S10.

Not worth the risk in my opinion, but if you decide to try it please let us know the result.


My code reader is a basic one without ABS functions.  Assuming your reader has ABS diagnostic ability and you can't find any options to cycle the unit I think we may be stuck with activating it while driving or a dealer doing it with their Yamaha Diagnostic tools. 


I will post up if I find something, but it doesn't look good so far.




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Looking at the wiring schematics for both models it looks like the S10 4 pin plug was wired directly to the S10 ABS ecu while the T7 OBDll 4 pin plug is wired to the main ecu... so the S10 jumper method would definitely not be advised on the T7.  While the BlueDriver OBDll reader can read/clear engine & enhanced codes (ABS, airbag, transmission, etc) & provide advanced features like live view, mode 6, smog check, freeze frame & generate repair reports/ access data bases  it doesn't look like it provides access to Yamaha specific diagnostic/test functions.   Something like this Jdiag M100 Pro motorcycle scanner/tester may work...it claims to test ABS systems 


JDiag M100 PRO Motor Scanner is the new generation Handheld Motorcycle diagnostics tool, it covers virtually all major manufacturers' diagnostic functions. It helps the technician to diagnose problems and...


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