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My T7 has arrived! (Now, what do I do??)


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I put a deposit on two bikes at separate dealerships a few months back and just got a call that one of them is there (in white).  Since this has taken so long, I have gone back and forth as to what to do with my 2016 Super Tenere ES.  Realistically, I only have the room for 1 bike, so I gotta make the decision.  A little about me:


I started riding 11 years ago and rode entirely pavement until the summer of 2019.  I bought a KLR 250 to see if I liked riding dirt - turns out that I LOVED it, and I sold my FZ1 not long after to buy a Super Tenere.  The Super Ten has been a fantastic ride and has had zero issues as of 31,000 miles.  I do ride as much off-road as I can and feel comfortable with - with all of the protection on it, the bike is over 600lbs at this point.  I've added crash bars, panniers, LED headlights, Madstad adjustable windscreen, Highway pegs, headlight guard, I flashed the ECU, and added risers.  I did an Iron Butt on it just last week and outside of some sore traps, I wasn't sore at all the next day.  I'd like to do more off-road, but my buddies have huge 1200cc ADV bikes and don't want to do anything tougher than stuff I have already done with my S10.  I am 5'6" and 180lbs.  I haven't ridden with a passenger since probably 2013, so 2-up is not something I ever really do.


The appeal of the T7 for me is the 150lb weight reduction (still a heavy bike, I know).  The slimmer profile is appealing.  I also read all of these accounts of people saying how the geometry inspires so much more confidence in the dirt, so *maybe* I'd start doing tougher dirt if I had it?  I also like new stuff in general and have never owned a new motorcycle.


I have 3 days to decide what to do, whether to pass on it or take it and put my S10 up for sale.  Do you have some wisdom for me?

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You’re asking this on a T7 forum, so the answers will be positive 😉 


While I haven’t ridden the S10, I have extensively ridden my T7 in all sorts of stuff. I returned from a week long offroad trip earlier today, and besides the crazy nature I saw, my main take away is how happy I am with the bike. I traded in my heavier Vstrom 650 last year for the T7, and for offroad they cant compare in the slightest. You’ll probably lose some on road comfort from the S10, but I rode ten hours of tarmac today to get home, comfy enough 🙂 

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Being an '16 S10 (non-ES) owner, I can definitely understand your situation as the 150lb or so weight reduction is very very appealing to me too. And the off-road capability of course.


If you've put a deposit at two dealers, obviously your T7 interest is significant. With 31k on the ES, you've certainly got your usage out of it.


And even though S10 values aren't particularly high, the used market in general is pretty strong. I suspect if you put your bike for sale on ADV and yamahasupertenere.com you'd get bites very quickly.


I say buy the T7 and scratch the itch.

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I’d say buy it and try it. Even if you don’t like it, if you are in the US you will likely be able to flip it for what you paid for it given how high in demand and hard to get they are. 

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Id bring the S10 to a buddies house (if you dont have the room) while you get introduced to the T7.  Then decide. Bikes are selling these days so you shouldnt have an issue selling either. 



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