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We haven't been too vocal about the development on this shock, because realistically, we didn't want to feel rushed on the process.  We spent over 4 months prototyping and testing this shock, and we're happy to report that it's finally ready for public consumption.  After multiple iterations of shock lengths, spring rates, valving schemes, and bump stop geometries, we settled in on the best blend of real-world ADV performance.  From pure street to adventure touring to off-road exploring, this shock can handle it all.


Like all Penske shocks, these are custom built to order in the USA and take in consideration rider weight, bike setup, and riding style.  They are rebuildable without costing a fortune in shop labor or special tools (we can even sell you the parts if you have a nitrogen supply).  We've been collaborating with Penske on all of our project bikes over the past ten years, and there is a reason we choose this all-American brand:  they know suspension and their customer support is second to none.  These folks ride like you and I and they know what it takes to deliver the performance AND comfort that customers expect when buying a premium product.


We're offering two shocks:


  1. The 8987 Triple Adjust:  
  2. The 8983 Double Adjust:


Both shock models have finger-adjust (tool-less) damping adjusters.  These adjusters are accessible without removing bodywork and don't require any special tools.  Gone are the days of wanting to make an adjustment while riding but realizing you forgot the tool in the garage.  The 8987 is shown here, but the 8983 looks the same with one less adjuster...




Same deal with the rebound adjuster shown here.  Also, the ride height adjustment.  We designed this shock to allow for -5 mm / +7 mm of adjustment.  You guessed it - this means you can lower or raise your seat height without needing new dog bones.  Or, of course, making chassis adjustments to suit your riding style.




This shock foregoes hydraulic preload adjustment to save cost, weight, and complexity.  Our experience shows us that most people only change preload settings before/after major trips (if at all).  But the good news is that preload is easily adjustable with the included tool.  The Torrington thrust bearing helps reduce the effects of coil bind, but it also makes preload adjustments a breeze.  It sounds like salesmanship, but seriously, it's easy.  We're working on a prototype HPA unit now, but are confident that this is the right balance for most customers.




We'll be running a special for forum members only for the remainder of July.  PM us your riding style, weight in gear, and details on your bike setup to get started.   


Also, and I truly hate to mention this here...but the real reason for making this post at this time is the price increase news we received late this afternoon.   We were planning on releasing this shock next week, but apparently, Penske needs to raise the cost of all their shocks by 5% on Monday.  Honestly, its amazing they've been able to hold out this long given the global supply chain issues, but it turns out that their dealer notification system was inoperable and most dealers were unaware of the change.  So...please be aware that all orders placed after 0700 EDT on 7/12/21 will be subject to the new pricing.  Sorry!  Hopefully this is a temporary increase...


But back on the up and up - contact us for details.  Given this situation, we'll be checking in throughout the weekend on the forum and through email.  We can also set up a time to chat via phone, if needed.


Have a great weekend!

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