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Rear shock compression dampening adjustment?



According to the manual, page 4-22 turn the adjuster in direction A until it stopped and the count the clicks in direction B. Standard adjustment is 15 clicks. I only have a total of 5 clicks. So I put it at 3. Where it was when I started. Anyone else notice this?



Rear shock.jpg

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My rebound was 16 clicks out, or 15 if the first doesn't count as stated. I set mine at 12 (counted 24). I set the rebound to 12 clicks out(counted 26 total), it was 14 out when I got the bike. Front I set rebound in the middle(can't remember the clicks) and compression set 3 out.


(Out refers to clicks out from full hard)

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Having 1-3 clicks more or less than that stated in the manual is very common.  Only 5 when there should be 18 is strange.


I could be a bit of Sand/dirt in the screw adjuster which is binding up and preventing you getting full range.  Flush the adjuster with some water/contact cleaner/wd40 or maybe blow it out with compressed air.  Work it back and forth and maybe it will free up and get back to normal.


On some shocks it can be hard to feel or hear the clicks.  I am not near my bike at the moment to check but If I remember correctly there is a click every 1/4turn on the adjuster(4clicks/full turn)

Turn the adjuster clockwise fully and then count the number of full turns counter clockwise.  If you get approx 4.5 turns of adjustment then you don't have an issue.  Set your shock by number of turns.  If you want 12 clicks out, that would be 3 full turns counterclockwise.


If you are only getting 1-1/4 turns on the adjuster(5 clicks) I would try cleaning the adjuster again.  I bet with a bit of back and forth some debris will be removed and you should get your adjustment range back.


Let us know how you make out.


I will confirm the number of clicks/turn when I get home, but maybe someone can do a quick check and reply sooner.  Pretty sure it is 4 clicks/turn, but it could be 2/turn. 


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This will sound stupid, but I have seen it more than once.


As you turn the adjuster clockwise it moves slightly into the shock body.  Most flat screwdrivers taper slightly wider towards the top.  If you have a screwdriver which is a snug fit and you screw it clockwise. The slight taper may cause the screwdriver to bind on the aluminum shock body around the screw adjuster and you can't turn it through the full adjustment range.


Make sure the screwdriver you use is not binding.  You might need to grind it a bit narrower to make sure this isn't an issue.

I use a stubby to reach my compression adjuster.  It was rubbing as I turned the adjuster.  Ground it narrower so it had no taper and problem solved.


Hope you get the issue sorted.

And yeah it is 4 clicks/full turn.



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