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Found out my dealer has more Tenere's showing up soon so I put down the deposit. Now I'm waffling about whether to add traditional pannier racks or one of the newer 'Reckless' types... Ah First World problems eh...

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53 minutes ago, jrhbeavis said:


Hard or soft luggage, that timeless question....


Lots of young bucks post beautiful photos of mountains and fjords, with their adventure bikes packed for rough camping. You dream or reliving your youth and joining them on a quest for immortality and may go the soft luggage route. 


Then there is the silent majority, the old deceped toads like me. We put hard bags on because we need them for an excuse to never to do any tough off road stuff, as we break quicker than the stock hand guards. Our adventures may be limited to national park roads and microbreweries. Not that there's anything wrong with that... but I wish I had this same bike 30 years ago.


@Cruizin if you read this message, it might be interesting to poll the group, as to their ages. 

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We are all tattooed in our cradles with the beliefs of our tribe

~Oliver Wendell Holmes~

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I picked up the bike this past Saturday. I was almost home on it when it started making a terrible,  intermittent chirping/whistling racket... Called the dealer and told them to come and get it.


But then... I started poking around and noticed that the front wheel spacers were turning... Whoever installed the front wheel LEFT THE AXLE LOOSE!!




I followed the manual steps for tightening up the front wheel and the noise of course, stopped.


So I think I'm good to go but we'll see.


The bike feels like I expected it to feel... like a better version of my DR650. So far so good... lots of bolt on parts on order too.  🙂


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