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Tenere 700 handguards Acerbis rally pro



Hi all,

I have purchased the Acerbis Rally Pro handguards, because i got a confirmation from Yamaha service mechanic that they can be mounted on the handlebar.


I may have rushed this one, because i bought them the same day as i drove my bike from the dealership, without doing any inspection myself.


The issue?


Number one - it doesnt look like inner handbar clam can be mounted very well, as the bar is not of a flat radius and i have rotated the brake lever all the way down for comfort (along with the oil compartment), so now it doesnt seem to have enough room to fit.


EDIT: additional question - it could be safe to mount the clamps without spacers? That might solve it i guess as long as its a tight fit.



Number two - the more important one!

This fitment requires to remove bar end weights and fit inside the bar these expander bolts.

These bolts look like the will completely ruin the thread inside the bar, which is not really something i want to do (what if vibrations start and now i can not fit the weights anymore...).


Anyone has this setup on their bike? (I saw one user mounted red ones)


Other opinions?





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Well, let me respond with the continuation of the task, hope someone else might benefit from it.


So what you do is, disregard the expander bolts, go to a hardware store and buy the same type of bolts as you currently have in the mounting kit, only a one third shorter (approx.).

These bolts will go directly into the weights and you will not need to remove the weights at all. If needed, you can put a little spacer where the bolts touvh with the handguards, to offset the "shallow" depth of the weights.


As far as inner mounting clams go, they will be a really tight fit and you probably wont need to use the spacers that come with the kit as well.

Make all the connections and fine tune the distances before doing the final tightening.


Be careful, as I myself made a slight error on the brake side and when i did a full lock i damaged a bit the plastic cover of the tank. The fitment is pretty tight, as i mentioned.







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