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Unknown rubber piece


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I was installing the Heed Basic crash bars when this small rubber piece fell from the bike on the ground. Apparently it came from the left side.  I don't have any idea of what it is...

I'm not particularly worried about it not being on the bike anymore 😄 (supposing it was part of it) but still I'm wondering what it is. 

Do you have any idea? 


FYI to install the bars I needed to dismount the side fairings. However the piece seemed to come from the center part of the bike, near the back mounting place of the bars.




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It looks like the little rubber grommets that cover where you adjust the front forks.  Check there.  It's not a critical piece.

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i think it fits onto the exposed threads of a screw under the side panel .. i think i remember one under there somewhere. its to prevent the screw from chaffing wiring or a cable......sorry cant help more.

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