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Where are they

Richard Spiel

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Richard hi - whereabouts are you? We see them pop up on Showroom Floors here in California with some regularity. I picked up mine mid June, without any pre-order, after turning down a Black unit from another Dealer.

I'm sure the guys here could give you some advice for tracking one down.

Happy hunting - aim for White/Red, they're quicker!

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Completely depends on where you are. I put a deposit down on mine in April and the bike arrived early June. I don't see any popping up in dealers here now; nearly everywhere here is taking deposits for next year's stock at this point if you don't already have your name on one.

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It does depend on where you are or maybe just timing or a resourceful dealer.   I started looking on a monday back in July, sent my dealer a courtesy email even though they didnt have one as they,d been very good to me in the past. Then started checking around to the dealers that had ads on Kijiji and Trader, some said "sold out for season" others had some on order and I got one solid lead with a decent price and possible Aug. delivery.


 I check my email, later that night and there is one from my dealer that says, do you want white or blue? Holy Shet!, didnt expect that to happen....., Blue I say, how much? $300 less than the other offer I had, SOLD!  They are trading another dealer for it, but might have it for the weekend, got a pic of it sitting in their showroom on Wed., picked it up on Thurs!


My Head was spinning as I thought it might takes some time to get this done, but there it was in the garage, Thanks Bob and Mario!  If you are in Southwestern Ontarion, these guys are worth a look, straight shooters for sure.  https://bobsmotorsport.com/




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