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Master link size?



D.I.D. 525 V11 is the stock chain, but searching for a master link so far reveals the closest thing to be a 525VO.  Anyone aware of their compatibility or is the  V11 designation irrelevant ? 

A quick link to pair with the chain breaker for the do in a pinch kit is desired.


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Look on D.I.D. site (as you most lightly did) and didn't see an answer for you.

Me... If I was worried, I would be ordering a D.I.D. Gold X-ring chain and just use that X-ring master link as a spare. If you ride with a spare, you will never need it, and in 20,000 miles you are all set with a new chain.

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Ya, DID site offers no match.
  Agreed, a highly  unlikely need. Saved my ass once though on the old DRZ after stretching beyond serviceable mileage into the snapping zone. That clip link was the difference between limping home or being stranded. Worth packing it’s weight in gold!

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