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Bent crashbar.. bending it back


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So I had my first crash. Approx 50-60km/h on a forestroad. I feel like it was pretty lucky crash cause only rear crashbars were bent. 

Any ideas how can I bend the crashbar back to its normal? Pushing with my own weight doesn’t really help.





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Remove the bar and then try and straighten.  You may need a cutting torch to heat up the area you need to bend back into shape.  A vice will aid in this task.  But maybe you need a replacement bar.

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I bent the rear racks on my super Tenere , use a 8 foot section on u-channel to bend it back. You’ll be surprised how difficult it is. Also, without it being on the bike when you bend it, will be difficult to remount as the bends will almost certainly be a bit off. Unless you are better at it than I am, which to be fair, almost anyone would be.



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