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WTS - Outback Motortek X-Frame Racks with Mosko Moto Backcountry 25L Side Bags - SOLD


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So, I've ran this system on 3 separate trips and 2 of them, I loved the setup. The 3rd, I did not, hence my reason for selling this setup. For road riding, including paved/forestry/lease/backroads it is awesome. Weight is forward and low without the Rotopax filled/fitted, and with them on and full, the added weight is not noticeable, and will provide over 500kms of range (using moderate throttle). The reason for selling this system, is that on the 3rd ride, we were doing some tight technical single track (which I happen to love), and this setup gets in the way of putting your feet down to paddle/dab/stay up in the mud/river etc. to the point that I wasn't comfortable continuing on that trail. I could keep the setup, and modify it again, but am now thinking of switching to a rackless saddlebag system with a top rack for my Rotopax.


The Outback Motortek Racks have been modified to accept the Mosko bag mounts and a 1 Gal Rotopax per side. They were stripped and re-powdercoated to factory specs after the modification. X-Frame plates are not shown in the pics, but come with.


MM Backcountry 25l bags are like new (maybe a bit dirty on the outside...🙂). They come with 2 Molle 2L storage pouches as well.


Lastly the set comes with a Backcountry 40L dry bag with a little exhaust damage, but it doesn't leak!


This is over $2000 CAD worth of gear (without the mods) that I'm asking $900 CAD (about $720 USD) for. Happy to ship anywhere in North America if you pay the shipping.






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I think I have Yamaha disease...

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