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Tenre 700 vs AT 2021


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Bonjour à tous. Merci de m’accueillir sur ce forum. Je suis Français et donc s’il vous plaît excusez ma façon d’écrire. Je possède un rallye Tenere 700.

Je me demande si la nouvelle Africa Twin ne sera pas plus puissante. J’ai lu que le tener avait presque autant de chevaux mais je n’en suis pas sûr. Que pensez-vous d’un nouvel AT 2021, sans DCT, sans options inutiles, juste la base. Merci beaucoup

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The AT has more power and significantly more torque. It'll be more comfortable for a pillion and will carry more luggage easily. Build quality and reliability are good in both cases. But it's heavier and it's an even bigger lump to take off road. If you're planning a longish tour with a pillion, go for the AT, otherwise stick with the Tenere. I had a an earlier AT (CRF1000L) but I much prefer my Tenere for solo riding.

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Ive had 2 t7s and loved them both however in standard form the suspension is woefull for the mixed riding i do however i know pricing is good. So horses for courses.

i have a CRF1100 now as i desperately wanted cruise control/ self cancelling indicators/ colour dash and a bit more grunt not forgetting  better suspension as standard.

the only way i can describe my 2021 DCT AT is a deluxe version of the T7.

weirdly i did a tight hill climb on my DCT that i could not do on my T7. In off road mode its so Tractive and easy.

motorway and long distance is now easier.

if my back yard was a mountain range or unlimited tracks n trails then defo T7

My AT around 200 miles for 17 litres i get but the acceleration is brilliant and easier to wheelie also.

off road is very similar as im not a heavy weight tall rider but i can do more on my AT in the type of riding i do.

still loved my Rally T7 but needed a bit more of everything.


hope that helpsF32BA184-0EE9-49DA-8C3C-886A583C58E4.thumb.jpeg.106bc18d00f04225b7385769d430a682.jpeg

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