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T-7 Horn Decibel Level


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Hey everyone I’ve been riding for 50 years and bought a ‘21 T-7 back in April and Love it! The only thing about this bike I don’t like is the WIMPY horn! Does anyone know what the actual sound level spec is for this thing? I’ve purchased a replacement thats rated at 115 decibels but I’d really like to know what the stock horn is rated at. Thanks from deep dark east Texas!


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Gotta be space for a musical air horn. 🤘always wanted one. 

how much current d’you reckon it’d need? 

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I have no idea what the power requirements would be however I did measure the decibel level with a sound meter and the stock horn measured 107 decibels at 1 yard distance so, it’s not as weak as I thought. I think its the tone that made me feel it was so wimpy.

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