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'Cam' Throttle Twist Grip Optins?



Hi all,


Not sure about you guys, but the remarkable pick up and mid range torque of the T7's engine is both a blessing and a curse.  Personally, I prefer a soft pick up (for slow technical off road riding) and a strong mid range (which the T7 certainly has). 


A snatchy initial pick up is a common issue with modern injected engines in their attempt to meet new EU emission laws, so some people fit 'cam' profile twist grips to give a slower initial pick up on the throttle cables (this is a common KTM fix for snatchy initial low throttle pick up on injected bikes).  So my question is are there similar cam twist grips out there?  I suspect the MT07/Tracer 700 have the same injection issues, so there may be a compatible twist grip we could use on the T7.  I'd prefer this approach than having to get the ECU remapped.  

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Hi, I asked a similar question a while back and asked for any personal experience with the Throttle Tamer but didn't get any feedback from the crowd plus emailed G2 and they said they don't have a model for the T700. Have you looked into this further? If so do let me know; the snatchy throttle is the only thing about this bike that I truly wish I could iron out! Thanks..


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You guys are really not going to like my initial answer here; but do bear with me though. Here goes.... Words are import, English is very vague: a punch, a slap and a tap on the cheek are all blows to the head but all to vastly different degrees of force. Therefore, lets be clear the T7 does not have, repeat, does not have a ‘jerky’ throttle response, like a 2014 MT-09 did, no, no at all; in fact the T7 is as smooth as butter. Now, is there a kind of ‘snatch’, I believe not it is not really a snatch, it’s more of a kind of bog-down / hiccup blip when going from 1st into 2nd. I think that the grunt pull off the bottom end on the T7 is usefully docile which helps the traction. I did have an early jerky response MT-09 and I do ride a real punchy (pumper flat-slide carb) Kawasaki KLX450R enduro bike, which I suggest you try either out then get back on to the super smoothed far lower punchy non-jerky T7. So does the T7 have any real troublesome throttle diffs in technical terrain, I’d say not really for a few reasons 1. it s smooth enough and the T7 is not a dirt bike so why be in any mega technical terrain nor is the T7 an enduro bike nor is it a rock hopping trials bike or a even green lane racer, it’s a mild weight capable adventure bike and that means it will cover many many road miles really well and get across and through almost most off-road terrain and 2. the T7 is far too big for real tight technical terrain and 3. your combined clutch control and throttle control should control things I.e. your skills should be able to cope. People read thing like oh someone said 'oh the sky is getting too blue’ and other then people focus on blueness of sky and ask is everyone’s else’s sky near them too bluer and ask daft thing like can we all or you can fix the too blue sky for me, whether too blue a sky is true or not. Also as humans we will try to find easy way I.e. ‘I hear that that mountain Everest is really slippy and hard to climb, does anyone know an really easy fix and way to fix this’? Yeah, hire a helicopter or wait fine £10l million pounds and build a chair lift up, but then would they have actually climbed it at all. Another Example, Hey these heavy training weights are very tough does anyone know away around using these, like just doing mental thought exercises to get physically stronger or is there some type of magic pills or anyone know of a muscle builder kit from eBay to solve this. So, my points are a) I don’t think there is a jerky or a real snatch problem for the T7 b) if people hate electronic injection so much then go put unnecessary carbs on it. c) I believed getting a 20 year old blunt DR350S around a tough enduro course was an achievement that when I got a much sharper more expensive YZ250 I then flew, the DR was the heavy weight training weight. I did say, that you not like my initial answer. Go with whatever you guys feel is ok and you want to do but please don’t drag in non issues and say everyone feels the same. A firework is not capable of going to the moon and a Saturn V rocket is, they are both rockets but the real rockets costs more the T7. The T7 is fine for its price. Adventure bikes are odd, some folk want a 300 mile tank range and 115 mph autobahn cruise speed with full wind protection with the ability to clear and do double table top jumps at their MX track. Sometimes too much is dreamed of and expected. I think the fun is using what you have at that point in time that you have it. I.e. go on the trip before someone releases the book on how do it and go figure out your own path as you go and don't wait on throttle tamers or turbos. Good luck if you improve things for you needs. And all the best wishes with your riding. Ride on guys, best X.





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With recent question about plug in "power booster" for  snatchy throttle response just thought that this thread should bubble to the top!

Throttle tamers are an alternative for  snatchy throttle in the  lower rev range. But please read XPLANE response to this subject!!!

Wish I could have written that response. It covers so many  bases and  eloquently responds to many unobtainable  expectations of the T7, leading to operator's unreasonable disappointment. 100% agreed with  XPLANE. This bike is a hybrid with  limitations, some improvements  to weaknesses can be made. A good reason why I have multiple bikes, pick up the right tool for the job. 

For the record my throttle is NOT snatchy, but I  did have a KTM 990SMT that did. The throttle tamer worked a treat!

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